Essential Applications Windows Edition

January 27, 2017

David’s Essential Software (Windows edition)

  • Everything
    • Instantly searches entire system by filename, just like you wish Windows Search did.
    • Free
  • FileSeek
    • Quickly searches all files in a specified directory for the specified text. Accepts regex.
    • Good + unlimited free version, or $9 one PC, $15 individual w/ unlimited PCs
  • VS Code (my choice) or Sublime Text
    • Highly capable and extendable text editors.
    • VS Code is free, Sublime Text is $70
  • ShareX
    • For taking screenshots or creating gifs or mp4s. Very easy to use.
    • Free
  • qBittorrent or Deluge
    • Torrent clients, both are great and ugly.
    • Free
  • 7zip
    • Compression multi-tool. Will unzip any archive you throw at it.
    • Free
  • f.lux
    • Reduces blue light output during night hours, helping with eye strain.
    • Free
  • MPC-HC
    • Video player. Lots of people like VLC, but I think this is better. Subtitle downloading is built-in, hotkey ‘D’.
    • VLC is still a perfectly good option.
    • Free
    • This is what MS Paint should be. Lives between MS Paint (child’s play) and GIMP (rocket surgery)
    • Note that MS Paint is getting an update soon on Win10, so this may no longer be correct post-2017.
    • Free
  • ClipboardFusion
    • Clipboard manager. Save multiple things to your clipboard and choose which to paste.
    • I’ll admit not having viewed enough of the competition here. Ditto is another good choice.
    • Free, there is a paid version with syncing but the free version has been enough.


  • Beyond Compare
    • Diff viewer. There are many free ones, but I’ve used this one forever and it gets shit done.
    • $30 standard or $60 pro versions. 30-day free trial.
  • Fiddler
    • Web debugging proxy. View and modify traffic.
    • Free


  • Seer
    • Spacebar to preview a file, similar to the same feature on macOS.
    • Free
  • MalwareBytes Free
    • Scan your system to find and destroy infections.
    • Scanning/destroying is free, realtime defense is paid.
    • Using uBlock Origin + Windows Defender is enough to prevent threats if you are not doing anything dumb, so the free version is fine here.

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